Please click on the information about data privacy. Residents of the student halls use the card often as a payment card for the washing machines and dryers. They can also be booked by phone from various service providers. § Be flexible with your travel times Many of the train services in Europe are also popular commuter services, lots of train companies increase ticket prices during “peak hours” (generally between … Please understand that there is no reimbursement in cases other than those mentioned above. However, this letter is no admission confirmation. They cannot, however, freely use trams in Kassel nor busses in Witzenhausen or Göttingen. After paying their semester fee, all students of the University of Kassel receive their student ticket. After this period has expired, you will receive the error message "Your card has definitely expired" at the cash desks of the canteens and cafeterias. Therefore, the "Mensa-Status" cannot be updated or extended (=validated). You will find the "Mensa Status" entry at the bottom right of your card next to the NVV logo. Ticket eröffnen Quick­links. If you purchase the Fulda semester ticket, you are entitled to get a refund on the Kassel semester ticket! You can buy a guest card at the Aufwerter (Cash-to-Card-Machine). Whenever you pay your lunch in the canteen with the CampusCard your credit will be shown at the checkout. You can chat with us using our Live Chat System, raise a ticket on the Self-Service Portal or call the IT Service Desk 24/7 on 020 7882 8888. Updates to the software, as well as infrastructure, must be made regularly. Due to the lack of available free parking in Kassel, it is not particularly practical to own a car. This usage analysis is made anonymous and doesn't allow any conclusions about individual visitors. Where can I place my questions about the CampusCard? If your application is accepted, any remaining balance will be transferred to your account. Telephone numbers and further information can be found below: Taxibüro Mitte Taxi Christine Schneider Taxi Call Center Kassel GmbH. Please send us a mail to campuscard((at)) and tell us by naming the machine number, which machine is affected. A network of busses, trains and trams enables anyone to move around town without relying on their own car. If this number starts with a "3", you can top up the "purse" of your CampusCard with a maximum total amount of 90 Euros. What is more, students of International Food Business and Consumer Studies can purchase the "Fulda semester ticket" for €95, which allows them to use public transportation in the whole of Hesse. Via internet: Exchange Studies at the University of Kassel, Further training abroad for staff members, Redaktionsrichtlinien für WissenschaftlerInnen. If you know the dates you want to travel, you may be able to find some cheaper train tickets from Kassel to Munich Hbf by booking early. Zum Impressum IT Servicezentrum (ITS) Universität Kassel *Students require valid University Student Union ID Card. The Service Desk is open from Mondays to Thursdays 10am-3pm, Fridays 10am-12pm. Plea­se vi­sit the fol­lo­wing links for ex­am­ples of dif­fe­rent ser­vice pro­vi­ders: Unterrichtsfächer und Fächerkombinationen, Eignungsprüfungen Kunst, Musik und Sport, Sprachkenntnisse und zusätzliche Nachweise, Postgraduate Courses / Master's programmes, Making correct applications with foreign certificates (bachelor’s degree/state examination), An orientation week to welcome our international students, With an Exchange Program (Erasmus+ and Partner-University), Information Events on Studies and Internships Abroad, Stellungnahme zum Strafprozess gegen Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kutschera (Stand: 7-8/2020), Stellungnahme zu umstrittenen Äußerungen eines Hochschulmitglieds (Stand: 7/2020), Statement zum 1. EMILY ANDREWS: There was a time when the relationship between Prince Charles and his elder son worried courtiers. Depending upon your native country, you may have to retake the driving exam (theoretical and/or practical sections). This website uses cookies for usage analysis with the Matomo software. Please use the form I ask for payment / transfer of balance of my campuscard (pdf). Thereafter, you will have to apply for a German driving licence. Moreover, the CampusCard serves as a library card and can be used for paying library fees. The 'Deutsche Bahn' offers a State exclusive offer called "Länder karten" where a group of up to 5 people (state dependent) can travel within the entire state for an entire day. Remember me If checked, an authentication token will be stored in a cookie in your browser for the next two weeks, preventing the need to re-enter your login credentials when your session expires. In addition to these offers, there is "GoEuro", a travel search engine that compares the time, travel distance and costs for your trip within and outside Germany. If you have any problems, please send an e-mail to campuscard((at)) or call +49 561 804 5678. The International Office as an operational internationalisation department at the University of Kassel provides information to students, university teachers and employees, advises them and supports them if they are interested in spending time abroad with regard to their subject and supports international students and … After that the card is only valid for payments in the library and at photocopiers. Todestag Lübcke (Stand: 6/2020), State­ment des Prä­si­di­ums nach der Kund­ge­bung "Zu­sam­men sind wir stark" (Stand: 7/2019), Stellungnahme zu umstrittenen Äußerungen eines Hochschulmitglieds (Stand: 7/2017), Stellungnahme des Senats "Öffentlicher Diskurs Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung" (Stand 12/2015), Öffentlicher Diskurs Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung (Stand: 12/2015), Bildmaterial für Journalistinnen und Journalisten. Kassel’s public transportation network consists of a city tram, a regional tram and a bus system. 522 likes. Driving licences from EU countries or EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) are unconditionally valid in Germany. More information on. via e-mail to Studierendenwerk Kassel, Hauptverwaltung, Postfach 103660, 34036 Kassel, or. Get the latest news and analysis in the stock market today, including national and world stock market news, business news, financial news and more The card loses its validity if it is not regularly validated. Fees are incurred each semester for your course (contribution to administration expenses, the student services organisation, your semester ticket, the General Students’ Committee [AStA]). Usually 1 €/km is charged in addition to €2,50 lump sum per journey. Internet / WLAN The ITS provides you with access to the Internet via WLAN and this can be used at all the university sites and beyond. There are receipt printers available. After paying their semester fee, all students of the University of Kassel receive their student ticket. Yes, but only in case of following circumstances: In these cases, please complete and sign the form I ask for payment / transfer of balance of my campuscard (pdf) and send it. Will you therefore please complete and sign the form I ask for payment / transfer of balance of my campuscard (pdf) and send it to the Studierendenwerk. On this day the eCampus will not be available between 08:00 am and 16:00 pm. Please make sure that you have the appropriate amount of money ready, because: The cash-to-card-machines do not give change. The requirement to book dated tickets remains under review and will be removed if and when it is no longer deemed necessary. We are located in the Queens' Building on the Mile End Campus and our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 7am-7pm. The IT Service Centre (ITS) of the University of Kassel is responsible for the correct "Mensa-Status" entry. You have the choice to purchase the 'Semester Ticket' … Please contact the Master’s office of the University of Kassel. Its purpose is to help you with an early visa application. when you marry. Located just off of Königsplatz, the 16th-century building is an attraction in its own right with its … You will find the exact amount, the payment deadline and the details for making the bank transfer in the acceptance and enrolment letter. The card can be used as a method of payment at all checkouts of the Studierendenwerk Kassel. Within Germany, it usually makes sense to travel by car, coach or train, all of which offer cheap alternatives to the regular rates (i.e. This includes a starting balance of 2 Euros. Please tell the staff member at this cash desk that you need a “Guthaben-Transfer”. The cash-to-card-machines will accept banknotes of 5, 10, 20 or 50 Euros. If you have any problems, please send an e-mail to campuscard((at)) or call +49 561 804 5678. If you've put money into the machine but it doesn't show the amount that you've put in. In addition, Witzenhausen has its own train station, which is part of Kassel - Göttingen railway track. Yes, but just at the Cash-to-Card machines in the main canteen "Zentralmensa", at the university library, at "LEO Lernort", the Cafeteria Pavillon and the Mensa Kunsthochschule. These are the different types of "Mensa-Status": The IT Service Centre (ITS) of the University of Kassel is responsible for the correct "Mensa-Status" entry. Zum Impressum IT Servicezentrum (ITS) Universität Kassel "Minicars" are similar to taxis, but usually cost much less and may provide an alternative option. The "Mensa-Status" update takes about 20 seconds. Sufficient supply and demand within the group is necessary to make it work comfortably. Before starting your journey, please make sure which tariff zones you are travelling in, so that you purchase the appropriate ticket. Das ITS bleibt bis auf Wei­te­res für den Pu­bli­kums­ver­kehr ge­schlos­sen. ⇨ ⇨ Meet PAUL, our very own water filtration system. The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films are a series of American superhero films produced by Marvel Studios based on characters that appear in publications by Marvel Comics.The MCU is the shared universe in which all of the films are set. Please check the card number entered on your CampusCard. If it starts with a "4", the maximum amount is 150 Euros. Buying a second-hand bike that can be re-sold upon departure from Germany is a good option. Guest cards which have been used cannot be taken back or refunded. You can find more detailed information about the validation at Students of the Kassel School of Medicine and employees of the Studierendenwerk who do not have a university account, can contact us via campuscard((at)) to update their "Mensa-Status". You can discover more about this in paragraph 5. In this case, please complete and sign the form I ask for payment / transfer of balance of my campuscard (pdf) and send it. The Self Service portal has functions that make tracking the progress and the editing of your tickets much easier than emailing. There are several good shops in Kassel that offer new and used bicycles (see below). They hang next to the screen with the NVV timetable information. At „The card is defective“ please choose „Yes“ when asked „ Shall the balance be booked to a new card?“. Kassel's Marstall or Markthalle is the place to eat a locally-sourced breakfast or find fresh ingredients for that perfect meal. And if you pay at the washers in a student hall or at the vending machines at "LEO Lernort", your credit will be shown on the display. Angebote für Schüler*innen / Studieninteressierte. You … Ride offers and requests are being displayed in real time on your smart phone or computer, so that both regular and spontaneous carpooling is possible. IT-Ser­vice­desk. Please see the Deutsche Bahns offers. : Critical Conversations on its past, present and future", the University of Nottingham’s Institute for Policy and Engagement and the University of Connecticut's Office of Global Affairs will be hosting three online panel discussions, each with a focus on decolonising education. A Customer Service Centre is located in the Königsgalerie at Mauerstraße. Please complete and sign the form for refund the purchasing price (pdf) and send it. PUMA RSS Feed for /user/stefani/ticketsystem%20tts ... PUMA bookmarks for /user/stefani/ticketsystem%20tts Montag - Donnerstag von 07:30 bis 16:00 Uhr und am Freitag von 7:30 bis 15:00 Uhr Telefon +49 561 804-5678. You can then see how much you currently have in the display. All students and staff can install Microsoft Office 365 on their own computer. IT Servicezentrum (ITS) Universität Kassel, Kassel. Students of Sustainable International Agriculture who are enroled at the University of Göttingen are equipped with the "Göttingen semester ticket" by means of which they can use local public transportation in Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and the CANTUS-Bahn. A guest card costs 5 Euros. Support includes, but is not limited to: Classroom and Instructional Technology; Email and Office 365 High-Performance Computing and Research Furthermore, you should treat your card with utmost care. No, neither does Studierendenwerk read your private information saved on the card, nor are they passed on to the Studierendenwerk. Creating a ticket – Request. You can also look at flea markets or advertisements on community notice boards (like the one in the main library, for example). As a youngster, a hot-headed William would often challenge his 'Pa'. The credit on your card can be refunded. Rad-Geber, Bernd Kummer & Torsten Becker, Hinter dem Deich 1, Witzenhausen, +49 5542 73184. With this ticket, students can use public transportation within its area of validity, which is the so-called Nordhessischer Verkehrsverbund (click here to see the area of validity), free of charge. You finish your studies or quit your job at University of Kassel. You will find information on this on the information sheet that you received together with the CampusCard. It can also be used at all printers, copiers and several vending machines on campus. You can find all information pertaining to this at: First, you have to load money on your card at one of the charging stations offered by the Studierendenwerk. If you receive this error message when updating or extending the "Mensa-Status" entry of your CampusCard, the card has not yet been activated. In case of loss, immediately inform the IT-Servicecenter of the University of Kassel or block your CampusCard online.