[note 2] At the command of Moses, he let his rod turn into a snake. According to Samaritan sources, a civil war once broke out between the sons of Itamar, All commentators, classical and modern, hold that the Quranic, "In the second group, we have the great founders of families, apart from Abraham, viz., Noah of the time of the Flood; David and Solomon, the real establishers of the Jewish monarchy; Job, who lived 140 years, saw four generations of descendants, and was blessed at the end of his life with large pastoral wealth (Job 42:16,12); Joseph, who as Minister of State did great things in Egypt and was the progenitor of two Tribes; and Moses and Aaron, the leaders of the Exodus from Egypt. הֲרֹן‎ (ʾAhărōn), of unknown meaning, possibly meaning “bearer of martyrs”, or perhaps also, or instead, related to the Ancient Egyptian ꜥḥꜣ rw (“warrior lion”), though it has been suggested to also mean “elevated”, “exalted” or “h… [43] Most interpreters think this story reflects a conflict between priestly families some time in Israel's past. Art thou not content, O ‘Ali, that thou should be unto me as Aaron was unto Moses, save that after me there is no prophet."[11]. This name means high mountain; exalted, enlightened. Aaron’s day is on July 1st and is celebrated in French speaking countries and Poland. The Aaron family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. In the Baháʼí Faith, although his father is described as both an apostle and a prophet, Aaron is merely described as a prophet. There Moses stripped Aaron of his priestly garments and transferred them to Eleazar. The books of Judges, Samuel and Kings mention priests and Levites, but do not mention the Aaronides in particular. [62][75] His fortitude and silent submission to the will of God on the loss of his two sons are referred to as an excellent example to men how to glorify God in the midst of great affliction. angels were seen carrying Aaron's bier through the air. [37] Aaron, however, escaped punishment for his role in the affair, because of the intercession of Moses according to Deuteronomy 9:20. Muhammad had left ‘Ali to look after his family, but the hypocrites of the time begun to spread the rumor that the prophet found ‘Ali a burden and was relieved to be rid of his presence. [14][17] Aaron is also mentioned in the New Testament of the Bible. It became a popular name in the year 1968 with a rank of #88 nationwide and was registered 3,427 times as a baby boy’s name. Is there any problem for naming a muslim as aaron? and then follow me. 4 years ago. [1] God commissioned the Aaronide priests to distinguish the holy from the common and the clean from the unclean, and to teach the divine laws (the Torah) to the Israelites (Leviticus 10:10-11). Muhammad, in many of his sayings, speaks of Aaron. The meaning of name Martin Lings, in his biographical Muhammad, speaks of Muhammad's wonderment at seeing fellow prophets in their heavenly glory: Of Joseph he said that his face had the splendour of the moon at its full, and that he had been endowed with no less than the half of all existing beauty. My friend Son name Aaron , and it is very popular name And its meaning is very nice. The Quran says that Aaron was entrusted the leadership of Israel while Moses was up on Tūr Sīnā’ (Arabic: طـور سيـنـاء‎, Mount Sinai) for a period of forty days (Quran 7: 142). Aaron is a 5 letter name with 3 syllables. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Aaron – ꧁⁣༒𓆩Aaron𓆪༒꧂, A-a-ron, ꧁༒☬ᤂℌ໔ℜ؏ৡ☬༒꧂, Ronny, Aar-bear, ꧁⁣༒AARON༒꧂. The cave closed behind Moses as he left; and he went down the hill with Eleazar, with garments rent, and crying: "Alas, Aaron, my brother! Islamic tradition also accords Aaron the role of a patriarch, as tradition records that the priestly descent came through Aaron's lineage, which included the entire House of Amran. Aaron plays a leading role in several stories of conflicts during Israel's wilderness wanderings. Harry Anderson's realistic portrayal is often reproduced in the literature of the Latter Day Saints. [54], Aaron married Elisheba, daughter of Amminadab and sister of Nahshon (Exodus 6:23) of the tribe of Judah. 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The level of popularity and rating of this name is also presented here. They led active lives and called 'doers of good. When Moses returned from Mount Sinai, he rebuked Aaron for allowing the worship of the idol, to which Aaron pleaded with Moses to not blame him when he had no role in its construction (Quran 7: 150). The lucky number associated with the name "[62][note 5], The rabbis particularly praise the brotherly sentiment between Aaron and Moses. Aaron name meaning is exalted one, enlightened, high mountain and the lucky number associated with is 5. Anonymous. So return and represent me in my family and in thine. Browse for all the origins, histories, and meanings of Aaron and almost 2,000,000 other surnames. [51], Aaron, like Moses, was not permitted to enter Canaan with the Israelites[14] because the two brothers showed impatience at Meribah (Kadesh) in the last year of the desert pilgrimage (Numbers 20:12-13), when Moses brought water out of a rock to quench the people's thirst. Aaron is a primarily Jewish surname which is derived from the given name Aaron (given name). name meaning in Urdu and English, as well as other languages. Names similar to are also listed here and can even listen to the audio on this page to understand the actual pronunciation of the name. Aaron is a Muslim Boy name and it is an Arabic originated name with multiple meanings. [44] Numbers 12, however, reports that on one occasion, Aaron and Miriam complained about Moses' exclusive claim to be the LORD's prophet. While differing in responsibilities, these offices, along with those of the Melchisidec order, are regarded as equal before God. The family of Aaron had the exclusive right and responsibility to make offerings on the altar to Yahweh. Aaron has been used in the United States ever since 1880, with over 600886 boys given the name in the past 200 years. Aaron Aaron Meaning - Exalted One, High Mountain, Light Bringer, Shining light. Again, mercy was personified in Aaron, according to Deuteronomy 33:8, and truth in Moses, according to Numbers 12:7. During the journey in the wilderness, Aaron was not always prominent or active. [62][76] Especially significant are the words represented as being spoken by God after the princes of the Twelve Tribes had brought their dedication offerings into the newly reared Tabernacle: "Say to thy brother Aaron: Greater than the gifts of the princes is thy gift; for thou art called upon to kindle the light, and, while the sacrifices shall last only as long as the Temple lasts, thy light shall last forever."[62][77]. Aaron is the arabic originated name. Aaron is a Muslim Boy Name, it has multiple Islamic meaning, the best Aaron name meaning is In American Meaning Is Exalted One, and in Urdu it means عزوجل سے ایک. [59] Hillel held Aaron up as an example, saying: "Be of the disciples of Aaron, loving peace and pursuing peace; love your fellow creatures and draw them nigh unto the Law! Aaron also appears in scenes depicting the wilderness Tabernacle and its altar, as already in the third-century frescos in the synagogue at Dura-Europos in Syria. a effective sounding call i imagine. Aaron is a Boy name, meaning Lofty, exalted, high mountain. What does Aaron mean?. When Moses at first declined to go to Pharaoh, saying: "O my Lord, send, I pray, by the hand of him whom you will send" (Exodus 4:13), he was unwilling to deprive Aaron of the high position the latter had held for so many years; but the Lord reassured him, saying: "Behold, when he sees you, he will be glad in his heart" (Exodus 4:14). [97] Christian artists sometimes portray Aaron as a prophet (Exod. [24][25][26] After that, Moses tended to act and speak for himself.[27][28][29]. "[62] When the Israelites cried in bewilderment, "Where is Aaron?" THE Islamic name is Harun for Aaron ,not sure about aden. To see famous people named Aaron, pop culture references for the name Aaron and nicknames & variations - visit Nameberry or Wikipedia. [1] It does reflect a two-tier priesthood with the Levites in subordinate position. [42], On the day of Aaron's consecration, his oldest sons, Nadab and Abihu, were burned up by divine fire because they offered "strange" incense (Leviticus 10:1-3). [83] Aaron is important in Islam for his role in the events of the Exodus, in which, according to the Quran and Muslim tradition, he preached with his elder brother, Moses,[8] to the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Anonymous. "[70] This is further illustrated by the tradition[71] that Aaron was an ideal priest of the people, far more beloved for his kindly ways than was Moses. An Aarón is someone who is worth millions and millions of dollars and it's someone who is a certified hustler and someone who never stops grinding no matter what. The most Aaron families were found in the USA in 1880. He is commemorated on July 1 in the modern Latin calendar and in the Syriac Calendar. And when a plague broke out among the people who had sympathized with the rebels, Aaron, at the command of Moses, took his censer and stood between the living and the dead till the plague abated (Numbers 17:1-15, 16:36-50). [note 3] A descendant of Aaron is an Aaronite, or Kohen, meaning Priest. What is the definition of Aaron? Aaron is a traditionally masculine name meaning "teacher," "exalted," "mountain of strength," or "lofty." The lucky number of Aaron name is 9 and also find similar names. [32][33] When Aaron completed the altar offerings for the first time and, with Moses, "blessed the people: and the glory of the LORD appeared unto all the people: And there came a fire out from before the LORD, and consumed upon the altar the burnt offering and the fat [which] when all the people saw, they shouted, and fell on their faces" (Leviticus 9:23-24). Aaron is a Muslim Boy Name. Aiden is known in eire, Aden i'm no longer particular about, apart from the position call, that is contained in the Gulf i imagine, so could be of Arabic origins. The incident of the Golden Calf as it is narrated in the Quran paints Aaron in a positive light. Because Moses complained that he could not speak well, God appointed Aaron as Moses' "prophet" (Exodus 4:10-17; 7:1). Similar to Aaron . The Quran adds that both Moses and Aaron were entrusted to establish places of dwelling for the Israelites in Egypt, and to convert those houses into places of worship for God (Quran 10: 87). The Aaron family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920. [94][95], Aaron appears paired with Moses frequently in Jewish and Christian art, especially in the illustrations of manuscript and printed Bibles. In later books of the Hebrew Bible, Aaron and his kin are not mentioned very often except in literature dating to the Babylonian captivity and later. Aaron[note 1] (/ˈærən/ or /ˈɛərən/; Hebrew: אַהֲרֹן‎ ’Ahărōn)[3] was a prophet, high priest, and the elder brother[4] of Moses in the Abrahamic religions. "[62] Aaron did as commanded; and they entered the cave, where was prepared a bed around which angels stood. I always thought Aaron was a Hindu name, you hear it in Indian movies all the time, who knew it was actually Arabic. ‘Ali, grieved at hearing this wicked taunt, told Muhammad what the local people were saying. (See the "Aaron" category at Wikimedia Commons.) He spoke and acted on behalf of Moses with the Egyptian royal court, including performing miraculous "signs" to validate Moses' mission. Though some speculate it may also be from the Hebrew high mountain and Arabic messenger.. in . [62] A voice was then heard saying: "The law of truth was in his mouth, and iniquity was not found on his lips: he walked with me in righteousness, and brought many back from sin" (Malachi 2:6). The name Aaron is unique in the Bible, and is applied only to Aaron the Levite, brother of Moses and Miriam.Aaron was the first high priest of Israel (Exodus 28:1) and his descendants filled a sub-caste within the priestly caste of Israel (Joshua 21:4).. Aaron, spelled Ααρων, is mentioned 5 times in the New Testament; see full New Testament concordance. [38] Later retellings of this story almost always excuse Aaron for his role. He frequently holds a censor or, sometimes, his flowering rod. Illustrations of the Golden Calf story usually include him as well—most notably in Nicolas Poussin's "The Adoration of the Golden Calf" (ca. [62][74] Even in the making of the Golden Calf the rabbis find extenuating circumstances for Aaron. This is also how he appears in the frontispieces of early printed Passover Haggadot and occasionally in church sculptures. How Aaron is pronounced in French, English, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish and Portuguese. count of main first name only &: count of both main and additional first names Name counts are approximate as statistics normally is not published for names given to … 1650]. In 1840 there were 11 Aaron families living in Georgia. [14] While Moses was stern and uncompromising, brooking no wrong, Aaron went about as peacemaker, reconciling man and wife when he saw them estranged, or a man with his neighbor when they quarreled, and winning evil-doers back into the right way by his friendly intercourse. [30] When the revelation was given to Moses at biblical Mount Sinai, he headed the elders of Israel who accompanied Moses on the way to the summit. Aaron means ,most likely, an unknown Egyptian origin. A significant difference in the Quran is the fact that Aaron was not involved with the creation of the Golden Calf, but did not prevent it as he feared for his life at the hands of the idol-makers. 2 0. Yorkshire had the highest population of Aaron families in 1891. [45] Their presumption was rebuffed by God who affirmed Moses' uniqueness as the one with whom the LORD spoke face to face. ارون نام کا شمار لڑکوں کے ناموں میں ہوتا ہے۔. Find the complete details of Aaron name on BabyNamesCube, the most trusted source for baby name meaning, numerology, origins, similar names and more! [90][91], Aaron was also mentioned by Muhammad in likeness to ‘Ali. Origin of name Aaron is arabic.origin of a name is basically history and language of the area where from this name was derived. A Mosque in the area of Medina, possibly: This page was last edited on 11 December 2020, at 03:58. Kelime ve terimleri çevir ve farklı aksanlarda sesli dinleme. Moses successfully intervened, but then led the loyal Levites in executing many of the culprits; a plague afflicted those who were left (Exodus 32:25-35). The history of Aaron originates from a background. This was about 30% of all the recorded Aaron's in the UK. Aaron once again escaped any retribution. [23] Then he stretched out his rod in order to bring on the first three plagues. How do you use Aaron in a sentence? The Quran contains numerous references to Aaron (Arabic: هارون Hārūn), both by name and without name. Aaron Name Meaning is In American Meaning Is Exalted One. Muslim. Aaron is a Muslim Boy name and has Hindi origin. The Hebrew Bible relates that, unlike Moses, who grew up in the Egyptian royal court, Aaron and his elder sister Miriam remained with their kinsmen in the eastern border-land of Egypt (Goshen). Yet this did not diminish Muhammad's wonderment at his brethren, and he mentioned in particular the great beauty of Aaron. Exodus 28-29). It … What is clear is that high priests claiming Aaronide descent dominated the Second Temple period. The chief office of the Aaronic priesthood is the presiding bishopric;[78] the head of the priesthood is the bishop. Aron is a muslim boy name and it is an Persian originated name with multiple meanings. [14][17] There is a significant amount of travel between these two points, as the itinerary in Numbers 33:31–37 records seven stages between Moseroth (Mosera) and Mount Hor. [5][6][7][8][9][10][11] Knowledge of Aaron, along with his brother Moses, comes exclusively from religious texts, such as the Bible and Quran. Aaron Meaning is Raised or elevated, as in rank or character Aaron is later commemorated in the Quran as one who had a "clear authority" (Quran 23: 45) and one who was "guided to the Right Path" (Quran 37: 118). In reply, the Prophet said: "They lie, I bade thee remain for the sake of what I had left behind me. [62] Of them it is said: "Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed [each other]";[66] for Moses stood for righteousness (Deuteronomy 33:21) and Aaron for peace (Malachi 2:6). We've found the following names that sound similar to Aaron, sorted by popularity. Moses anointed and consecrated Aaron and his sons to the priesthood, and arrayed them in the robes of office (Leviticus 8; cf. [7] It adds that Aaron tried his best to stop the worship of the Golden Calf, which was built not by Aaron but by a wicked man by the name of 'As-Samiri' (Quran 19: 50). Each ward includes a quorum of one or more of each office of the Aaronic priesthood.[79]. The 'h' phoneme in the original Hebrew pronunciation " Aharon " (אהרן) is dropped in the Greek, Ααρών, from which the English form, Aaron, is derived. After the departure from Egypt and arrival at Mount Sinai, God installed Aaron as the first high priest of the Israelites and promised that his descendants would form the priesthood. [7] The Quran then adds that Moses here lamented the sins of Israel, and said that he only had power over himself and Aaron (Quran 5: 25). Find all the relevant details about the meaning, origin, lucky number and religion is available in this page. I have been trying to find the meaning of my name Aaron. Aron name meaning is A Former Persian Province In Caucasus, Which Is Now Part Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan, and the associated lucky number is 5. A 14th-century Mamluk mosque stands here with its white dome visible from most areas in and around Petra. Vielleicht werde ich mein Kind irgendwann mal so nennen. The next morning, Aaron's rod was found to have budded and blossomed and produced ripe almonds (Numbers 17:8). Knowledge of Aaron, along with his brother Moses, comes exclusively from religious texts, such as the Bible and Quran. Imagine that, 1,523 babies in California have the same name in 2013. The exalted one is too vague. Accompanying with Aron meaning you can also listen here how to pronounce Aron name. הֲרֹן ‎ ’Ahărōn) was a prophet, high priest, and the elder brother of Moses in the Abrahamic religions. (Psalm 133:1). It says that he was a descendant of Abraham (Quran 4: 163) and makes it clear that both he and Moses were sent together to warn the Pharaoh about God's punishment (Quran 10: 75). In 1891 there were 129 Aaron families living in Yorkshire. What is the meaning of Aaron? Aaron pronunciation of name Aaron is different in few languages and area's of the world. The Quran also narrates that, centuries later, when the Tabut (Arabic: تـابـوت‎, Ark of the Covenant) returned to Israel, it contained "relics from the family of Moses and relics from the family of Aaron" (Quran 2: 248). Aaron You can use our middle name generator to find middle names that match the first name, Aaron. Random Aaron Factoid: According to the 2013 U.S. Social Security Administration data, the first name Aaron ranks 26 th in popularity as a baby boy's name in California. Moses said, "Take off your priestly raiment and place it upon your son Eleazar! You can find Aaron under "A" list, and there are 1819 more names in this list. This is one of the unique and popular names with impressive meaning. in American origin. An eleventh-century portable silver altar from Fulda, Germany depicts Aaron with his censor, and is located in the Musée National de l’Age Médiévale in Paris. [62][68], According to Tanhuma,[69] Aaron's activity as a prophet began earlier than that of Moses. [62][67], When Moses poured the oil of anointment upon the head of Aaron, Aaron modestly shrank back and said: "Who knows whether I have not cast some blemish upon this sacred oil so as to forfeit this high office." When Moses first confronted the Egyptian king about the Israelites, Aaron served as his brother's spokesman ("prophet") to the Pharaoh. The Book of Ezekiel, which devotes much attention to priestly matters, calls the priestly upper class the Zadokites after one of King David's priests. According to Islamic tradition, the tomb of Aaron is located on Jabal Harun (Arabic: جَـبـل هَـارون‎, Mountain of Aaron), near Petra in Jordan. is "5". * Disclaimer - Lucky number is formula generated number based on Urdu Alphabet just for your interest and knowledge. [13], Aaron died before the Israelites crossed the North Jordan river and he was buried on Mount Hor (Numbers 33:39;[14][15][16] Deuteronomy 10:6 says he died and was buried at Moserah). The religion of the name Aaron died on the summit of the mountain, and the people mourned for him thirty days (Numbers 20:22-29; compare 33:38-39). Here is a list of Sibling names that go with Aaron. What are synonyms for Aaron? [14][52], There are two accounts of the death of Aaron in the Torah. Aaron (Arabic: هارون, Hārūn) is also mentioned in the Quran as a prophet of God. ارون  نام کے تفصیلی معنی اردو میں جانیے. He also related to them God's detailed instructions for performing their duties while the rest of the Israelites listened (Leviticus 1–7, 11-27). Name gives you identification in the world and you carry this identification from cradle to grave. [49][50] The following chapter then details the distinction between Aaron's family and the rest of the Levites: while all the Levites (and only Levites) were devoted to the care of the sanctuary, charge of its interior and the altar was committed to the Aaronites alone (Numbers 18:1-7). is Aaron became a popular boy’s name in the state of Wyoming in the year 1999. [59] "At times Aaron, and at other times Moses, is mentioned first in Scripture—this is to show that they were of equal rank," says the Mekhilta of Rabbi Ishmael, which strongly implies this when introducing in its record of renowned men the glowing description of Aaron's ministration. Aaron name meaning is exalted one, enlightened, high mountain and the lucky number associated with is 5. Aaron the brother of Moses is described in … Can you please clarify? This was about 18% of all the recorded Aaron's in the USA. It further adds that Aaron's memory was left for people who came after him (Quran 37: 119) and he is blessed by God along with his brother (Quran 37: 120). [62] Accompanied by Moses, his brother, and by Eleazar, his son, Aaron went to the summit of Mount Hor, where the rock suddenly opened before him and a beautiful cave lit by a lamp presented itself to his view. [39] For example, in rabbinic sources[40][41] and in the Quran, Aaron was not the idol-maker and upon Moses' return begged his pardon because he felt mortally threatened by the Israelites (Quran 7:142-152). and Deuteronomy 10:6 is solved by the rabbis in the following manner: Aaron's death on Mount Hor was marked by the defeat of the people in a war with the king of Arad, in consequence of which the Israelites fled, marching seven stations backward to Mosera, where they performed the rites of mourning for Aaron; wherefore it is said: "There [at Mosera] died Aaron. Aaron's rod produced miracles and plagues to intimidate the pharaoh. [18][19][20][21][22], According to the Book of Exodus, Aaron first functioned as Moses' assistant. (Exodus 32:1-6). Er ist wohlklingend und schön und die Bedeutung gefällt mir auch. [14][53] Aaron was 123 at the time of his death. The sons of Aaron were Eleazar, Ithamar, and Nadab and Abihu. Proper pronunciation of Aaron … Now these are the divisions of the sons of Aaron. Aaron is believed to be a Prophet in Islam and is known as Harun, which is the Arabic name for Aaron. Aaron and his successors as high priest were given control over the Urim and Thummim by which the will of God could be determined (Exodus 28:30). [59], In fulfillment of the promise of peaceful life, symbolized by the pouring of oil upon his head,[61] Aaron's death, as described in the aggadah, was of a wonderful tranquility. The name is Hindi originated name, the associated lucky number is 9. aaron erkek ismi ne demek. This information is enough to give a clear idea about the name. [47][48], To emphasize the validity of the Levites' claim to the offerings and tithes of the Israelites, Moses collected a rod from the leaders of each tribe in Israel and laid the twelve rods overnight in the tent of meeting. [56][57] Any non-Aaronic Levite—i.e., descended from Levi but not from Aaron[58]—assisted the Levitical priests of the family of Aaron in the care of the tabernacle; later of the temple. [3] Not all occurrences of the surname are Jewish. [59] Thus Aaron, the first priest, ranks below Moses: he is his mouthpiece, and the executor of the will of God revealed through Moses, although it is pointed out[60] that it is said fifteen times in the Torah that "the Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron. [63][62] The pillar of cloud which proceeded in front of Israel's camp disappeared at Aaron's death. (Those churches that follow the traditional Julian Calendar celebrate this day on September 17 of the modern Gregorian Calendar). Speak name Aaron in 20 native languages. The name first appeared in the year 1880 and given to 102 newborn babies. [note 6][note 7]. [62] He died on the first of Av. Ä°ngilizce Türkçe online sözlük Tureng. is "exalted one, enlightened, high mountain". 7:1) holding a scroll, as in a twelfth-century sculpture from the Cathedral of Noyon in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and often in Eastern Orthodox icons. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. The Quran also says that people called ‘Isa's mother Maryam (Arabic: مـريـم‎, Mary) a "sister of Harun" (Quran 19: 28). According to Numbers 16–17, a Levite named Korah led many in challenging Aaron's exclusive claim to the priesthood. In the event of the Mi'raj, his miraculous ascension through the Heavens, Muhammad is said to have encountered Aaron in the fifth heaven. The Kitab-I-Iqan describes Imran as being his father. [31] From here on in Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers, Joshua appears in the role of Moses' assistant while Aaron functions instead as the first high priest. ", Under the influence of the priesthood that shaped the destinies of the nation under Persian rule, a different ideal of the priest was formed, according to Malachi 2:4–7, and the prevailing tendency was to place Aaron on a footing equal with Moses. Submit your funny nicknames and cool gamertags and copy the best from the list. [34] In this way, the institution of the Aaronide priesthood was established.[35]. The most Aaron families were found in the USA in 1880. In the Community of Christ, the Aaronic order of priesthood is regarded as an appendage to the Melchisedec order, and consists of the priesthood offices of deacon, teacher, and priest. Hamariweb.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions of Lucky numbers. Then the Shekhinah spoke the words: "Behold the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard of Aaron, that even went down to the skirts of his garment, is as pure as the dew of Hermon" (Psalm 133:2–3). Although they had been commanded to speak to the rock, Moses struck it with the staff twice, which was construed as displaying a lack of deference to the LORD (Numbers 20:7-11). [14][15][16] The other account is found in Deuteronomy 10:6, where Aaron died at Moserah and was buried. While Joshua went with Moses to the top, however, Aaron and Hur remained below to look after the people. His role also found an analogue in the person of Ali, to whom Muhammad said: Will you not be pleased that you will be to me like Aaron was to Moses? Find Aaron multiple name meanings and name pronunciation in English, Arabic and Urdu. thou, the pillar of supplication of Israel! [36] Most scholars think the Torah reached its final form early in this period, which may account for Aaron's prominence in Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers. The Torah generally depicts the siblings, Moses, Aaron, and Miriam, as the leaders of Israel after the Exodus, a view also reflected in the biblical Book of Micah. 0 0. Aaron name numerology is 22 and here you can learn how to pronounce Aaron, Aaron origin and similar names to Aaron name. [72] As a result, Aaron's death was more intensely mourned than Moses': when Aaron died the whole house of Israel wept, including the women, (Numbers 20:29)[62][73] while Moses was bewailed by "the sons of Israel" only (Deuteronomy 34:8). Miriam was punished with a skin disease (tzaraath) that turned her skin white. "Go lie down upon thy bed, my brother," Moses continued; and Aaron obeyed without a murmur. The books of Exodus, Leviticus and Numbers maintain that Aaron received from God a monopoly over the priesthood for himself and his male descendants (Exodus 28:1).

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